English Group Classes

Fun Online Conversations Classes to Improve your Speaking Skills in a Group

As a premium member, you can join regular group classes to help you level up your English face-to-face (or screen-to-screen!) We will have fun conversations on different topics and we'll give feedback on your English. All learners are welcome, but the classes are best suited for intermediate+ level learners.

Lesson Schedule
Every Friday: 10am - 11:30am (GMT time)
Every Saturday: 9:30am - 11:00am (GMT time)

Lesson times may change on rare occasions when a teacher isn't available. We will try to find a time that suits most people.

Please make sure the times work for you before becoming a member. If the times aren't suitable, email us to request a new time. If you're not sure about what time this is for you, click here to convert GMT to your timezone.

What are the classes like?

The classes take place on Zoom and are centered around a different topic each lesson.

Learn with a professional, native English teacher

Each lesson will be led by professional English teachers from the UK with year's of teaching experience.

Learn with a group of supportive students

We're really proud of our learners! Students are encouraged to discuss between themselves so you can meet new people and learn from others.

Large and small groups

The group size changes from week to week. We've had 3-student classes and 20-student classes! The mystery is part of the fun.

Lesson notes for review

After each lesson, you will be able to see a PDF file containing corrections, new words, pronunciation tips, and anything else we cover.

Your Teachers

Michael Lavers

Founder of Level Up English

Michael is from Cornwall (South West of the UK) and has been teaching online since 2016. He's been running Level Up English since 2019 when the podcast began.

Charlotte Edgell

Professional Teacher

Charlotte is originally from the UK, now living and working in Greece as an English foreign language teacher. She is passionate about language and loves teaching people.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! If you have paid for a membership, group classes are no extra cost to join.

In the YouTube video below, you can see a lesson I did before Level Up English classes started.
It was a few years ago, so the lessons now are a little different. But this video will give you a rough idea of what to expect.

It doesn't matter! We will miss you, but most classes don't have a student limit, so even if you sign up and can't join, don't worry. You don't have to let us know.

Although the topics of the classes will change, the format will always be similar. We have group discussions on different topics and learn new vocabulary. If the class is large, we will sometimes split up into smaller breakout rooms so everyone has a chance to talk.

If you want to join our group classes, you have to use Zoom. If you haven't used it before, it can look confusing, but don't worry! In this video, I talk about everything you need to know.

Lesson List

Lessons are never recorded. However, a record of classes is kept along with class notes so students can review what they learn.



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Doha Twfiq

Practice Speaking English

English Group Classes are a great way to practice speaking. Every time we all have a chance to speak. Do not worry about making mistakes, we are all learning by making mistakes. Teacher Michael and Teacher Charlotte are amazing. They do really interesting topics, so we practice English and learn something new in our life. I like English Group Classes.

9 months ago
Micheline Alsabea

perfect content in group classes

I'm quite satisfied and happy to be part of these fascinating group classes, I feel the time flies by and all the information getting into my head smoothly without effort to absorb.

11 months ago
Reem .

Thanks michael

I love the way that youโ€™re teaching

2 years ago
Kay kay

I was happy in the class.

Thanks Michael, you are giving a great help to us.

2 years ago
Yukiko Saitou

I am not alone.

Michael, thank you very much for your class. I found it helpful to share what we struggle with in the language learning. Hope the next lesson will come soon!

2 years ago

love the class

LOVE the group class everyone has chance to speak .Michael was very helpful

2 years ago