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Level Up English is an online learning platform for people learning English as a second language.

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Level Up English is an online school and learning community for English learners all over the world. We connect students through the podcast, and now through our online courses and community. Join to gain access to the forums, all courses and podcast transcripts.

“Finding Level Up English school was a turning point in my English study."

- Lydia

“Finding Level Up English school was a turning point in my English study. These courses, podcasts, individual and group lessons are a completely new dimension of learning. Interesting, fun and efficient. Highly recommend!”



“I never got that committed with English until I found The Level Up English Academy, not only for providing and showing the side of English that is not taught in schools but also for being a great site where you can find such good resources to level up your English level.”



"I'm fond of this school so much. When I'm free I go back to the school and make a quick revision of what I have learnt. What makes this school so amazing to me is whenever I write my one examples, I revise the feedback and this is a great way for me to learn from my mistakes."



Michael is a British English online teacher from Cornwall, England. He's spent the last few years focused on levelling up learners' English from all around the world.

Michael Lavers
Founder, English Teacher

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