Preparing for the IELTS Exam

Let's walk through the IELTS Exam to get you a high score with practice tests and tips from a trained IELTS instructor

Course Summary

In this course, Ehsan and Michael bring you everything you need to get a fantastic score on the IELTS exam, including advice on each section as well as practice activities. Join us and become more familiar with the exam while getting support along the way.

Ehsan Hoora

Trained IELTS Instructor

Ehsan Hoora is a trained IELTS instructor with a PhD in TEFL. He has years of experiecne preparing learners for the exam with his online academy Lingoage 

Michael Lavers

Online English Coach

Michael Lavers is the founder of Level Up English and the host of the Level Up English Podcast. He also teaches 1-to-1 and group classes on his website.

Course Curriculum