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In this podcast, I will be able to cover more personal topics that I wouldn't share with the full audience. I'll be discussing topics of English language, British culture, teaching and more! And also answering your questions.

To begin with, I plan to post episodes once every 2 weeks. If they become more popular, I'll post more!

Michael Lavers

Hey! My name’s Michael from Cornwall, England. I’m passionate about all aspects of language, but most of all: helping others learn.

I have CELTA & TEFL qualifications and have taught thousands of lessons online with students from all around the world in the past few years.

I’m very proud of all my students. I have taught all sorts of people, from police officers to hospital staff, to school teachers, to lawyers and psychologists!



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Zainab Almuhanna

Amazing voice !

I'm really amazed!, your voice fits the podcast really well, your reminders and advices are always like a healing for me , I’m so thankful for having level up English

1 week ago
Marta Paragona

More natural, more challenging, more useful!

I think this member's podcast really adds something to the whole LUE. I usually enjoy Michael videos, and I can measure my improvements in English, but these podcasts complete the course. We can test our listening skills with our teacher, while he tries to lose some control over his speaking speed: useful! I'm looking for the next one!

5 months ago
Lidia Okońska-Świątkowska

Best English podcast - exclusive extras

The more podcast content from Michael - the better! And now we have a chance to take a closer look and learn more private details and opinions. Massively beneficial for English learning, funny as usual and now additionally more personal. Perfect!

6 months ago