Create a Perfect Study Routine

Create the foundation to your English learning and build your perfect routine

Do you have trouble studying consistently?

Maybe you lack motivation?

This course is a great place to start to help find the perfect routine for you!

Everyone is different  There is no β€œcorrect” way to learn a language.
Some people need more focus on specific areas of study like vocabulary or listening Other people just need to get out there and use the language creatively.

"Motivation starts your learning journey. Routine keeps you going."

In this course, you will learn:

  • what kind of learner you are
  • what every study routine needs
  • common study mistakes that people make
  • how you can speed up your learning
At the end, you’ll be given a 30-day challenge to stick to. Can you do it? 

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It makes me know myself better

thanks for the tips

9 months ago
Amal Alsahli

I was feel lost but now I create my routine thank you so much


9 months ago
Ekaterina Sukhova

These are excellent tips

This course was so useful for me. I hope I will make up my perfect English routine.

1 year ago