About this Course

Start here if you're new to the website and want to find a place to begin your English studies. You'll be taken through lessons one by one and you will gradually improve your English over time with our support. The lessons will get slowly more difficult over time to match your level.

Study in your own time

Lessons are prerecorded so you can fit them easily into your normal routine.

A private chat forum

A private area to communicate with other students and your teacher between lessons.

Practice tasks

Each lesson will have ways for you to practice and get feedback from professional teachers.

Certificate of attendance

At the end, you will get a certificate saying you successfully completed the course.  

Downloadable lesson materials

Download PowerPoints and notes from each lesson so you can review what we learnt.

Teacher Feedback

Get feedback from your teacher at any time throughout the course so you can ask questions about difficult areas.

Course Curriculum