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Abdullahamor26 abdullahamor26

the best platform in the planet for anyone who'de impove their English

if you want to improve your English dramatically indeed these sources will be the best sources for anyone who wants to improve their English it's a treasure for anyone who studies real English.

3 months ago
Mohmadfaisal alfreaij



7 months ago
Bryam López Tuesta

Thank you

Thanks for the classes. They help me a lot.

11 months ago
Micheline Alsabea

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to your great podcast.

I feel content about my English , it grows up gradually because of your super great podcasts and super meaningful topics that related too much to our real life.

1 year ago

English language teaching and personal growth topics: great match!

Hi Michael, I have been a member for a few months now. I love your content and podcasts, especially those dedicated to personal growth and self-improvement. I believe it is the only podcast out there at the moment that combines English language teaching with personal growth topics. Great match! Congratulations and thank you

1 year ago
Carlos Pajon Permuy


I had been listening your podscat for a few months until I decided to become a member few weeks ago, Now I enjoy with all of the resources. You're the best!!. I hope to improve my English with you. Congratulations for your work.

2 years ago
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