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Every week, do some writing based on a new prompt on the course. Write about 150 words and you'll get detailed corrections and feedback from a teacher. We also have lessons on punctuation and writing emails to help you improve.

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Doha Twfiq

Improve The Writing Skill

Level Up Writing is the most significant factor to improve my writing skill. Michael understands what I mean when I make mistakes. He corrected my mistakes perfectly with the exact meaning I meant. I love the Level Up Your Writing course. It is an amazing way to improve my writing skill gradually while enjoying the different topics. Thank you, Michael.

7 months ago
Yukiko Saitou

5 stars!

A prominent interpreter, university professor, famous for whose passionate dedication to teach English for decades in my country said, "For those who finished their schools, the best way to resume the English studies would be "writing"." It was a short answer for the radio program, so her comment must contain some other aspects behind the words. Anyway, nothing is more competitive than this writing challenge. Teacher Michael is always encourager to challengers with his useful feedback!

2 years ago
Lolo .


Such a brilliant idea. it’s so helpful

2 years ago

Michael Lavers

Hey! My name’s Michael from Cornwall, England. I’m passionate about all aspects of language, but most of all: helping others learn.

I have CELTA & TEFL qualifications and have taught thousands of lessons online with students from all around the world in the past few years.

I’m very proud of all my students. I have taught all sorts of people, from police officers to hospital staff, to school teachers, to lawyers and psychologists!