Phrasal Verbs Training

Learn important conversational phrasal verbs to level up your English today!

Don’t give up! Bring it on. Come on guys. 

Phrasal verbs are a difficult but important part of English. This course will give you a starting place and help you reach the next level.

Phrasal verbs are used in everyday English language, and although they are so common, they can be really difficult to learn. The good thing is that, because they’re so useful, this course is suitable for most levels – from low-intermediate to advanced.

Video Training

Practise your listening along with the videos

Reading & Writing

Learn better through stories and engaging writing tasks.

PDF Reviews

Easily review what you learnt with daily review files

Course Curriculum

Michael Lavers

Hey! My name’s Michael from Cornwall, England. I’m passionate about all aspects of language, but most of all: helping others learn.

I have CELTA & TEFL qualifications and have taught thousands of lessons online with students from all around the world in the past few years.

I’m very proud of all my students. I have taught all sorts of people, from police officers to hospital staff, to school teachers, to lawyers and psychologists!